Weddings – Music Ideas

Sadly, Michael has departed our world and is not available to play weddings.

This page is still up because its a memory of his writing style and an opportunity to listen to some beautiful samples of his music. <3

If you want to use any of the pieces in your wedding and can’t find the MP3 or CD of them here on his music site, please reach out and we’ll work with you to see if we can provide a recording.

So….mr. bigshot, do you play…weddings?

Oh Yea!……I love to be part of people’s weddings!

Let’s get on the same page about everything that will make your wedding day musically perfect!                                                                                                                                                      Contact me

“My mom kinda wants those traditional bridal processional/recessional songs that always get played on the organ….can you play them?”

Totally! I actually love those pieces, although they aren’t requested very much, anymore.
There are two “traditional on the organ” pieces. You can hear them both over to the the right. They, of course, sound better on guitar. 😉

But, here are some other really great songs for the entrance of the bridesmaids, flower girl, mothers…..etc, and can also be great for the bride’s entrance. Of course, we will make plans to change to the BIG SONG, just before the bride walks in.

These are some great pieces for the “recessional” (when the newly married couple leaves the alter)

These are some tunes that I was recently asked to play for “special music”, during or after the ceremony, ie..candle-lighting part of the ceremony. I dug it. It’s so beautiful to begin with, but when you add music, and even some tune that really vibrates with your collective groove…………owow! I love my work!

“Will we have to wait around for the entire song looking uncomfortable before the next part of the ceremony?”

No worries. Unless you tell me, in advance, that you want the whole song, I will artistically wrap it up when it is time to move on.

“Do I need to have you at the rehearsal?”

No. As long as you give me a detailed schedule of the ceremony, it will go fine without you paying me to come to your rehearsal. Be calm, I have done it many times without the rehearsal and it is always perfect.

“What about sound equipment?”

I will bring everything I need, (unless I have to fly to the wedding city). Just ask the venue manager to make sure that there is an electric outlet within “extension cord distance” of the location where I will be playing. Some shade would be nice, too.

“Can you play during the reception, too?”

Absolutely. My repertoire includes hours of Classical and Spanish music, as well as pop music from the last 4 decades, and originals that I compose from the inspiration of this beautiful place called New Mexico, and my life here. If you want to break dance…then you will need a DJ. Other than that, I can fill the silence beautifully.

“Should we meet to discuss the details?”

I am happy to meet with you, if you like. But, all details, in my experience, can be handled on the phone or with e-mail.

“Can we record your performance in our ceremony?”

Absolutely! I would love to be part of your family’s history.

Thanks for all that.