After 32 years of teaching, my passion to teach what I love has only grown. I have acquired a lot of knowledge in all these years of trying to get good at music. I like sharing it!

There are tons of ways to learn, in person or over Skype. Check out below to explore the options.

On the Road

Check my schedule. A lot of time, whlie out on the road, is free. If you see that we will be in the same area at the same time and you want a lesson, ask!

Private Lessons in ABQ

New Mexico is one of the most unique and beautifu places in America. You know you want to bring your mate here for holiday….hang…..hike in the Rockies!. Bring your guitar and take some private lessons. If you live in or are coming to New Mexico, contact me at reach out.

Skype Lessons

If we can’t be in the same place at the same time, Skype lessons are great! if you wanna try it. If we make a date, then you can use the “Buy Now” button below to settle up via PayPal.


College and masters-level curriculum I developed for my students at University of New Mexico is available here too.