Lessons – No Longer Available

Sadly, Michael has departed our world and is not available to play weddings.

This page is still up because its a memory of his writing style and an opportunity to listen to some beautiful samples of his music. <3

After 40 years of teaching, my passion to teach continues to grow. I have acquired a lot of knowledge in all these years of trying to get good at music. I like sharing it!

There are tons of ways to learn, in person or over Skype. Check out below to explore our options.

On the Road

Check my schedule. A lot of my time, while on the road, is just hanging, if I’m not traveling or on stage. If you see that we will be in the same area at the same time and you want a lesson, ask! I’ve taught beginners and pros. I’ve taught how to play the most complex music from Bach to Chapdelaine, and I have taught how to make fake nails and how to edit video and audio. It’s always fun and we always get better!

Private Lessons in Denver/Boulder

The Front Range of Colorado is one of the most unique and beautiful places on Earth. You know you want to bring your mate here for holiday….hang…..hike in the Rockies!. Bring your guitar and take some private lessons. If you live in or are coming to Colorado, contact me at reach out.

Skype or Zoom Lessons

If we can’t be in the same place at the same time, Skype or Zoom lessons are great! If you wanna try it, let’s make a date. You don’t have to commit to multiple lessons and you don’t even have to pay until we finish the lesson. And if you think it wasn’t productive, don’t pay me. But, we’ll have a great time and you will learn what I already paid a zillion years for. 🙂   You can settle up via PayPal. It’s $50 for a half hour or so, but most guitarists want an hour. Reach out to me if you wanna try one.