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 1. Rain Dance 7:54

2. Sol y Cerveza 5:54

Red Sand, Homage to the American Indian (3 song suite)

3.Chant, Joy and Reverence for Life and Earth 4:08

4. Despair, Losing the Ancient Ways and Ancestral Lands 4:06

5. Leaving Sorrow, Regaining Hope and Balance 5:10

6. Land of Enchantment 4:07

7. Blue Chile 5:54

8. 2000 Miles from Beth 5:08

9. Cowboy Waltz 3:55

10. Requiem for Geronimo 6:52

Total 53:51

All songs composed and performed by Michael Chapdelaine (BMI).

order Land of Enchantment

"As carelessly as the word "virtuoso" gets tossedaround these days, it still only characterizes a minuscule percentage of artists.New Mexico-based guitarist Michael Chapdelaine is one of the chosen few.This past September, Chapdelaine added to his already impressive trophyshelf First Prize at the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship inWinfield, Kan. His latest recording, Land of Enchantment (self-released),is an inspiring collection of music that Chapdelaine describes as "a musicalportrait of my life in New Mexico, fashioned from the experiences, musicalstyles and techniques that I have known over the years." And indeed, it'seasy to actually hear New Mexico in his playing -- from the wide open spacesand densely wooded land to the north to the solemn, peaceful deserts to thesouth. Of the 10 all-original tracks on Land of Enchantment, "Blue Chile"is the cornerstone, a perfect blend of blues and Spanish guitar music, mixedwith hints of bluegrass fingerpicking. The album is as enchanting as the stateit honors. And Michael Chapdelaine is a consummate live performer whosepassion bleeds from his fingertips. " 

-- Michael Henningsen Weekly Alibi